Monday, September 19, 2016


My prayers had been answered as we reached Wentworth Falls library. As I removed my helmet and took a deep breath a beautiful woman asked if I was one of the Motorcycling Librarians. It seems the library had put up a poster re our visit and she had come along to greet us. There were other library customers inside together with Vicky the City librarian, her staff and refreshments. 

Soon the gang was all there and in this small library we mixed with customers and took pictures and cursed the weather and watched as the wind tore at the trees outside. I was very impressed that the locals had come out in such bad weather to give us a true Wentworth Falls welcome.

It was soon time to leave and although I would have preferred to spend the night in the library that cool beer at the Blackheath pub was too enticing. We all made it safely to the motel and after finding somewhere in the carpark that was level enough to park the bikes out of the wind so that they would be upright in the morning we visited the pub for drinks and food. On leaving the pub with its fireplace we were confronted by still strong winds and three degree temperatures.

About to leave Wentworth Falls branch library

Hanging out

What wind?

Ross in this years fashionable trousers

Ian trying to move against the wind

Alan and Vicky, the perfect host

There is always deep discussion

I love wearing my leathers in a library

Alan seems to like "RED"

Now which bike is mine

I told you it would be windy

It says here that it was going to be a fine day.

One of the coldest Tours we have been on.

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