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Old Post Office, Blackheath

Ian at Richmond

                                      Oberon Branch Library

Deputy Mayor and library staff

Oberon library customers

Ducatis available on two week loan

I love riding my bike in the library

Can I start it up?

Another library we took the Ducati into.
Oberon Library, Alan Flores with the Deputy Mayor

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About to leave

Too big to get inside the library

Alan and Ian at Oberon

Blackheath station

Oberon library customers
Oberon Library
Ian with Library customers at Oberon


The ride to Oberon was in showery weather and strong winds and not much heat.  The ride down from Mt Victoria was full of problems due to road works but once down the vistas through the valleys with the occasional ray of sunshine was well worth the ride. Only three libraries today.
Oberon library is a new building a short walk from the main street.
We were greeted by the general manager, the deputy mayor and a councillor and library staff. More refreshments and talk of the affect possible amalgamation with Bathurst may have on a Oberon population of 3,000.

Branch Librarian

Portland branch library

Window display

Portland Library customers

They never let me lend books

What's that Flores saying this time?

Portland Library

It's always a joy to visit.

The ride to Kandos was fast through a long valley and then there was the unbelievable view of the Aussie Grand Canyon, not as deep but extremely wide. Riding past at 130km it was hard to appreciate.

We entered town from the south, crossing the disused railroad tracks, past the closed station and along a road so wide it was bigger than some towns we passed through. The library is underneath one of the largest halls you will ever see in a country town built by the workers at the local cement mine, now closed. One can imagine the dances and concerts held there during the fifties and sixties. The next day was talk like a pirate day and the locals were busy getting the hall prepared.

The library was under the hall and Kerry was its guardian. A large library with appealing children’s and reference sections and easy parking out front.
One of the library members who came to greet us was the last Kandos station master who came to town 23 years ago to manage the station and now at 82 looked back and wondered why they closed the station down. He had served the town well. He said he owned one of the first Triumphs in Australia, a Bonneville.

Blackheath was a hundred and thirty kilometres away in freezing wind but blue skies and great vistas. The wild goats at the top of the pass at Mt Victoria were a concern to all of us but have been there for years and yet to cause an accident.

Hard liquor to warm us up in Ian and Sherrey’s room then a quick drink at the pub and a delicious meal at the Chinese restaurant.

Kerry, Sherrey, Roger and Ross at Kandos Library

and Alan

Kandos Station Master retired

Kandos Library

The Turista's steeds

Kandos branch library children's section

They are both available for two week loans

Kandos Branch Librarian, Kerry
Kandos branch librarian, Kerry and Alan Flores

Ducati Monster S4RS Testastretta

Kandos Railroad Station

Last train to Kandos
                  The 2016 Biblio Turistas        
Alan Flores


Alan Walker



Helen and Richard




We gathered at the Blackheath branch library at 9.30, cup of tea and a talk with the staff and again Vicki was there to take care of us and was also at Katoomba and Blaxland. What a hard working woman.
Another Biker called Brahma Kumaris from the local meditation centre joined us for a cuppa and the staff told tales of how they escaped the clutches of the big smoke to hide in Blackheath and tend their gardens and lend books to their community. There was some murmur bout witness protection program, but if that is the case their pictures on this blog will son ruin that. The Southern mob left the ride here and turned their mounts toward Oberon, Goulburn and Canberra and even Ballarat. It is always a sad farewell, but we usually meet up again in a year’s time ready for another ride. It is a credit to all the participants that we have ridden together for eleven years now without ever any conflict, lots of humour and sharing and caring.  
Helen, Richard and Sherrey with Blackheath branch librarian  
Blackheath branch library

Blue Mountains City Librarian,Vicki hosting a cuppa at Blackheath branch library

Blackheath branch library customer

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