Sunday, December 24, 2017

There is a place in Rome we need to visit on our first overseas Biblio tour.

The Biblio Bar in Rome is obviously waiting for us.

Merry Christmas to all the Turistas and librarians everywhere.

Alan Flores

Monday, November 20, 2017

So the three of us left  Thirroul and travelled on the best road in the state past the golden beaches of  the south coast and up to Stanwell Tops for a breather and to take in the view. Next it was a short ride to Helensburgh and to the library forecourt and to meet the librarian. Getting the bike in was easy but it did take up most of the library. The French librarian was full of knowledge of the area and was the epitomy of a perfect host and her smiling face was typical of what we encountered on this trip.

 We all left with Helen and Richard going on to Janalli while I fought my way through friday evening traffic to Hornsby and home. The two and a half hour to cover the fifty kilometres through the edge of the city was not pleasant but the end of a job well done. Thanks to all those who shared the ride and all the pleasant library staff who welcomed us.  

Helensburgh in all its splendour

Chatting with the librarian

Richard and the Godfather

What do you mean you don't serve Turistas?

Looks like it belongs

In one last time

Godfather on the path

Taking a break

Thats all folks

Friday morning Ian and Sherrey set off for Canberra while the rest of us went on to Thirroul. Not a long ride but after the expressway, lots of traffic and I finally got there just as the storytime commenced. The Monster was taken into the libraryand more pictures taken. Afterwards Brian and pam headed off to Griffith while helen and Richard and I moved on to Helensburgh the last library of the day.

Thirroul Storyteller

Wish it were mine

Another day another library

Now how do we tell Alan he needs to

 get his bike out?

"Just like my scooter in Beijing" she said

Smiles all round

Richard and Pam

Enjoying the moment

Monster outside for once

Pam deep in conversation, Brian just listens

Helen, a real Turista

Thirroul library

Are you sure you know how to ride it?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sea Cliff Bridge is between Thirlmere and Helensburgh and Helen and richard had not seen it so we stopped and took pictures.

Richard and Helen, lovely in leather


Bonnie and Clyde


Alan at the bridge

The Monster

Here they come

Nearly here


The Godfather



Helen at Sea Cliff Bridge



ready to go


And they are off

Stanwell Tops looking south