Monday, September 19, 2016


I could not see the others, having exited from a different door so I thought they had left and continued on to Penrith Library where I was met by the City Librarian and staff.  Not knowing where the others where we started to eat lunch, but soon the Turistas arrived, mumbling bad words about me and we were soon a happy group again.

Sherrey listening to directions to Wentworth Falls

The ever handsome Ross

Roger and Ross, the tour pathfinders

Then it was up the mountain to Wentworth Falls.  At first it was a delightful ride in the warm sun but by the time we got to Springwood the wind had increased to about twenty knots with wind gusts of thirty, but as we rode to our destination the wind had gusts of up to sixty knots.  Staying upright was a major challenge, especially at lights when both feet needed to be firmly on the ground. The ride through Woodford was one I will never forget. My arms where not touching the ground as I went round the Woodford Curves because of speed but because of the wind gusts.

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