Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The short ride to Katoomba was uneventful. It was now Alan Walker, Ross Balharie and myself.

The breakfast was welcome and was shared with library customers. Elizabeth agreed to have her picture taken on the bikes as so too were the pirates (it was “Talk like a pirate day”, remember Kandos).
This library is magnificent with most likely the best view from a library in Australia. We need landmark libraries like this to show the powers that be what good libraries look like.
Alan Walker enjoying the view

Elizabeth the biker

Elizabeth the book lover


Into another library


Maybe we should dress up every year

The pirates have taken the bikes

The Pirates of Katoomba



The ride down the mountain was fast and furious, sunshine, no wind and gravity to pull us along the two lane macadam to the bottom.
The bikes were parked at the back of the library due to the steepness of the block. To our surprise a lady with her ten year old daughter turned up on her steed and joined us for pics a bite to eat and talk.
The staff were more than happy to pose on the bikes and the shots would make great recruitment posters for the profession, Library Association take note.
Alan Walker had to leave us but Ross and I continued.

We wore the leather jackets to be just like you

Alan Walker

Happy library customers

Blaxland branch librarian

Are you sure i can have the bike?

Do I look cool on this bike?

Thanks Alan, I always wanted a Ducati

Blaxland Librarian

S4RS Testastretta

Happy customer



The ride to Blacktown along the Motorway was fine and fast. Blacktown had a protest in the middle of town and all traffic was diverted.  Ross and I finally found the library and were met by
a staff member who gave us a tour of the library, we toured both floors. 

Again another great library, full of customers reading and studying and preparing themselves to be future leaders of Australia. The racial mix of customers in stark contrast to the mainly WASP customers over the mountains. Then Ross and I departed for another year. Leon who works at Blacktown ironically was not on the tour this year as he was on holidays.

This will be my next bike

Yes I fit it just fine.

made for me

One each, wow.

How fast does it go?

That fast, eh

Stairway to heaven

Guess who's office?

A long ride home to the Central Coast was pleasant as I missed most of the traffic.

A big thank you to  all the library customers, librarians, library managers and riders for making it such a successful Biblio Turista.

Next year’s Biblio will be north of Sydney. All will be revealed next year.

Alan A. Flores
Biblio Turismo Tour leader.

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