Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Two

We looked like a motley crew outside the Gunnedah Library but after leon arrived we headed through some floodwaters to Manilla. The thirty knot wind had us riding at thirty degrees to the road in this big sky country.

More food, more pictures and the Duke inside again. It is so easy with the motorcycle ramps fitted to most libraries these days.

Through Tamworth and on to Walcha. The local journo came to take the picture and was thrilled to get a free t shirt. I talked with an old man researching local history in their back room. He was an electrician who had lived in town his whole life.  He considered himself so lucky that he lived in the town he wanted to retire to.

Down the Oxley Highway a stopping halfway at a diner to get fuel from a petrol pump that was from the seventies. Then down the winding road to Wauchope. We were late but they stayed open and we talked and ate and took photos and the Duke went inside and there were more photos and eventually we left for the big smoke of Port Macquarie. Cathy had an appointment with “A good Friend”. So we did not ask questions and she rode her Suzuki Boulevard down the Boulevard.

To the pub, bad music cold beer, Alan brought a friend along, we talked about the bikes we owned and the ones we still needed to buy. There was much agreement that you need at least seven bikes at the onetime to really enjoy life.

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant, much discussion about the size of the Duke's fuel tank and another day over.  

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