Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1

I arrived at Gosford Library to discover my travelling companions in the staff room having breakfast.

After photos were taken by the local press we were off on our adventure to discover New South Wales and it public libraries.

So who knows where we are going........?

Santa feeling generous gave a motorcycle to all the good librarians

The stands had failed so we had to hold up the bikes

It was not long before we entered the outskirts of Cessnock and found the library. There was a huge bike in the foyer near a sign that told customers to park their bikes outside. Cathy completed ignored this and was having a cuppa and a bite to eat with the library staff as we entered. It did not take too long before I managed to get my Duke into the library and cut the cake that celebrated our arrival. Graeme said some nice words and we were soon off again to Muswellbrook.

On the count of three everybody do a big burnout....

Cake Coffee, a huge bike in the foyer, just another day for the Biblio Gang

Watch out Cathy, Alan's ditching the Duke for the laid back lifestyle

Again we got the duke inside the foyer and waited for Cathy who decided to go the long way round. Cathy was the hi- tech one of the group, constantly twittering our actions.

Did I mentione cake!!!
The welcome reception at Cessnock library was superb.

No matter how stern Alan was his faithful Ducati
 always followed him into the library

More food, more pictures then on to Scone.  Steps precluded the Duke from getting inside. 

Unfortunately Ross’s wife insisted he cook dinner that night so he had to go home.
The long run to Gunnedah with long straight roads encouraged us to stretch the legs of our beasts.
Gunnedah was waiting for us. Yours truly took the duke in and sat down in front of many children to read a story. After which all the children got to have their picture taken on the Duke.
A meal and a few ales at the nearby hotel finished off the evening.

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