Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Three

Filling up with fuel, I met a man and his wife on matching Harleys bedecked with tinsel that were on their way to Kempsey for the Toy Run. I thought they were dressed for the part until I realised that that was how they always dressed.

Port Macquarie library is huge and big enough to ride the bike round. I was asked to just keep it in the foyer.
We lost Leon in the sorting room with a librarian of the female persuasion. Discussing IT he said, I just smiled and told him to saddle up.

Ian and Sherry rode on a nostalgic tour of the port and the rest of us hit the highway for Nabiac.
Nabiac Library is in the showgrounds and staffed by three wonderful ladies who wined and dined us. Well it was actually, tea. It was not easy getting the Duke in but the manager, Chris insisted.  Once we had all the photos and ate all the cake we were ready to leave when Ian rang to tell me that the VFR was without spark. In my thoughtful way I replied, “Tell someone who cares” we left for Raymond Terrace.

At the Terrace, although the library was closed we managed to get inside and eat more food and talked with the librarian and took photos.

And off to Tomaree our last port of call. More photos outside the library as the manager who was to open for us decided to go to Bali instead. A good indication of how important we were. Not very, it seems. Thanks Chris. To our surprise  Ina turned up not in a rented car but on his red stead It was so nice to be together again, I gave him heaps as to the reliability of his Jap sportster and then the last member arrived . It was a huge bus. We were going nowhere until it left. Seems we stopped at the local bus station which also happens to be at the front of the library.

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