Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday November 6th Overcast, showers and windy.

A Mr Biddel rang me the previous night. Said he had received a press release from my Council and wanted me to do an interview the next day at precisely 8.15 with Sharmayne. Any later and I would conflict with the funeral report, which would never do.

I rang Sharmayne from the Lachlan Valley Community Radio station at 8.15am and did the interview.

Friday morning saw just what we wanted, more bloody rain. Off to the library, bike back in to the circ desk then, photos with the press and off to Wellington, rain and wind. As we passed the Wellington Gaol we knew we were soon there. The library is in a nice park right in town. More pictures then on to Dubbo.

biblio 2009 064

biblio 2009 062

biblio 2009 060

Arrived at the city library and parked the bikes out of the wind otherwise they would blow over. Talk about the crows flying backwards. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw two bikes approaching. I thought there is a huge empty car park here, why are they parking near us? Big black bikes. Big black English bikes. I reached for my phone to ring the cops, then one of them called my name. Councillor and his colleague from Parkes were here to guide us back to their city, the Gracelands of the South.






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