Friday, November 20, 2009


The Mudgee town clock indicated 4.15pm and never looked so nice. The lady at the vet told us where the library was. The chocolate box old town hall cum library was warm and dry. The Mayor, quite an affable man, should have been pissed off with our late arrival but welcomed us to his town with open arms. Ross, the bastard, who should have been here earlier was still cruising the back roads, quietly singing the Bavarian National Anthem.

While Alan A. made small talk with the welcoming committee, which consisted of the Friends of the Library committee, the Ulysses Club, Mayor and library staff and the occasional customer, I asked if they wanted to take pictures and when they said “yes,” I went outside and fired up the Duke and rode it into the library.

biblio 2009 052

biblio 2009 045

biblio 2009 043

BikieLibrarians 015

BikieLibrarians 013

That’s one of the good things about auto doors for the disabled - they open for bikes as well. When I got to the circ desk I turned into the front reading room and hit the kill button. The locals took it in their stride and lots more pics were taken. Gorgeous women must be attracted to work in rural libraries, Mudgee was full of them. I asked the library manager an easy reference question. “Where is the best pub?” And with the answer we were off.

Ross did turn up eventually and charmed the ladies with his rough macho look. Sometimes it is fashionable to be late.

There followed a nice evening at the Criterion pub with a few ales and tales of the day.

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