Tuesday, November 13, 2018

There were now seven of us on five bikes. The departure from Tumut was sunny and smooth. No wind and about fifteen degrees. We then started up the mountain and to our right was a scenic lake though concentrating on the winding road left little time for sight seeing.

We hit the roof of Australia and passed brumbies, lots of brumbies, and yellow road markings to remind us it snowed up here and then the cold. Sunny but cold. Only bringing summer gloves was not such a great idea.

A stop at Adaminaby  and then off to Cooma to our lodging. Now you would think that a Motel called "Swiss" would be similar to its namesake country, so wrong. The overweight concierge in his shorts and stained shirt was a good indication of the quality of the rooms. having a angled loose gravel parking area did not help.


The Cooma library put on a birthday cake to celebrate Richard and Ian's birthday and I gave a talk on "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance". We mingled, took pictures and soon on our way. Our first day was a success, three libraries and 216 kilometres covered. Short trip by our standards.

A cuppa after the talk

Alan's23 year old  Ducati 600ss


That night the Lebanese food was great, the company even better.

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