Saturday, November 15, 2014

Biblio Turismo 9


                                     Not another day on the bike, why do I do this?

                                     The Kiama starting grid, where are the paddock girls?

Today I was to experience exhilaration, sadness and fear.  Ian was to experience a nail in his tyre, Richard was to experience dust on his Moto Guzzi, and Alan W experienced a nice cold beer before the rest of us.

The breakfast was good if you liked poached eggs, I didn’t. Another planning day for Biblio Turismo, important decisions such as what type of coffee should I have, do you like white toast or wholemeal?

Gentlemen (and women) start your engines.
It was a Le Mans start.  You should have seen Helena pushing the Guzzi to get up enough speed for the clutch start. 


 The decision was made that the wild ones would tackle Jamberoo Mountain Pass while the Italians and a Jap would try Macquarie pass. My plan was to take neither as I hate tight corners. Still the ride up was to be a challenge for the Biblio Turistas, though some flew up to the sound of music.
 The race was on.
 As usual I got left behind, but Alan Arnold and myself conquered the pass and arrived safely in the council courtyard.

 Met again by a good looking journo and many pics taken. This was the beginning of a successful day.
Nice library, well laid out and full of nice new books.  Ian ingratiating himself with the checkout chick in the library while I did the same with the female journo. After many more pics,  In a rumble of motors and a cloud of smoke,  from Ian’s clapped out Honda and we were off as the staff took more pictures of the beautiful Italian machines, or was it their riders.
 They could repair the cracked window shattered by the Guzzi’s exhaust another time.

 Exeter, Bundanoon, Wingello, all a blur against an incredibly green countryside.  Marulan and then as I entered Goulburn I nearly run over a possum right in the main street. No one told it that it should be sleeping in the day time.

 Now Goulburn had invited us to visit. Yet again they knew not of our coming.

Lunch was great, good food served by beautiful waitresses. Leon wondered about taking up a new position at Goulburn, more in the hospitality industry rather than the library, but the call of the wild was too much and we were soon off again.

An earlier phone call indicated that Crookwell also did not know of our visit but we were still greeted with open arms by the historical study group and librarian.

The ride there was great. Green fields, dams, lakes and blue skies. I even tested the 280 on the speedo and managed more than 50% on a nice stretch of straight road. Meanwhile although running fast and straight, Ian proved his experience as a rider and left me for dead. Sheri dropped breadcrumbs to show me the way.

Crookwell is part of the Upper Lachlan Shire Library Service.  Not too sure if the lower Lachlan has one.
 I loved the cow in the foyer.


                                                    Little Monster tucked away for the night

 Alas Alan W just wanted to tell stories to the yellow children.

We are always welcome at rural libraries and it seems the smaller the more welcome the welcome.
Ian found a nail in his tyre and wanted to see the sock factory. So to the sock factory we went and then he and Sherri went to Goulburn to fix the tyre and I and Alan A tackled Jamberoo pass. The others headed to Kiama via Macquarie Pass.  It’s great how we all stick together!!

I am not exaggerating when I say it was hairy. Straight down, tight curves and hairpin bends. I would have gotten off and walked but the only way I was getting off was jumping off the cliff. I did not know the Monster had a first gear.  The unburnt fuel was overbearing to poor Alan A who was my wing man and was just waiting for me to slide off the mountain.  The forty two cars trying to pass had to wait a little longer.
Dapto was out of the question, we could not make it in time.  I really need to work a bit harder on my timetable.  I should have known about the sock factory and that I need to stop every twenty kilometres to refuel.

The Biblio Turismo dinner was in a fine Mexican restaurant the food was great the wine even better.

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