Sunday, November 16, 2014


Biblio Turismo nine, last day

Another great day in Kiama, I felt we could have all stayed another fortnight there. Breakfast was at the usual diner.

 I emphasised that although our T shirt indicated that we go to Dapto before Warilla, Dapto was supposed to be yesterday.   Today Warilla was to be our first stop, then Dapto. Being professionals the coffee and the conversation was more important.  We ate. We drank, I reiterated that I would soon leave and that Warilla was to be our first stop, then, then, then and only then were we all to meet at Dapto.

WRONG           WRONG                WRONG.

 Alan, Alan  and Richard waiting for Alan

                                           Dapto work room, wondering where I was

Nowra storytelling time 

                                                     The Turistas and the MP
                          Richard, Helena, Leon, Sherri, Alan A, Alan F, Ian, MP

The Menai branch librarian and a travelling  borrower.

                                         Yes I will go next year


Crookwell, books and cows 

                                Ian and Sherri  join the wild ones at Tarana

                   A gathering of Hondas, it doesn't get any better than that

                                  A lone biker at Warilla 


  The Warilla crew

I found Warilla, comparatively easy and parked my bike, met the three wonderful ladies who were staffing it that morning and enjoyed the repast offered. Where oh where could they be. A phone call explained it all. They were at Dapto.

                                            Hondas rule 






Corrimal today, BT 10 next year

            Leon at Corrimal,  now how does this camera work. 



                           Corrimal library staff and the last of the BT  niners 


                                    It did say Dapto before Warilla!!

 The Ocean Bridge

Lots of pics then off to Corrimal. We had gone to Corrimal on BT2 and met the Lord Mayor... This time it was a low profile event. The librarian rode a 650 Virago.  More pics, fond goodbyes and in my case a trip up the coast road home past Thirroul, Stanwell Park, Otford, Waterfall and then the Saturday afternoon peak hour traffic to Gosford.
Another BT over.  

  Getting ready for next year
Maybe I will ride an Italian scooter next year, but which one?

We talked about BT 10. Lots of great ideas, but as usual I will create a magnificent ride and the gang will come. I hope that everyone who has ever come with us will join us for number ten. It is a secret destination and all will be revealed in September next year. It will most likely be the last week of October or the first week of November. 

Put it in your calendars.

The original Duke that started it all.  The Supersport 600.  Still in the stable and going strong

Alan Anthony Flores
The Monster man.

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