Saturday, November 15, 2014

 A knock on the front door and I was permitted entry. Soon the others turned up. There was another Alan, Mr. Arnold, now from the Deep South.

 From the far west came Leon on the Vstrom and the two who’s turn it was to come on a new bike, Richard and Helena.

 That is one of the problems with participating in BT, eventually it becomes your turn to turn up with a new bike.

 We have had Pam and her MV Augusta, beaut bike, pity it is now just a hat, she should have known that it takes a particular type to ride an Italian stallion. Then there was Alan who moved from the Kwaka 250 to the 650 Honda. Ross moved to the BMW and Brian to the Aprilia Tuono.

Sutherland Library is a symbol of new public libraries. Centre of population, large interior, good parking.
Sue Baraket and her staff were most welcoming. Sue has done a great job in directing what was my first public library  into the new century.

 As the beautiful ladies saw us off we climbed aboard our steeds and headed west to Menai, a branch of Sutherland Library System.

Having to refuel again, I was left behind and was lost again. I  turned up just in time to see the others off to the coast.

Menai library is well placed in the town centre and you can hitch your bike right outside the front door.

Engadine, Royal National Park, Otford, the Lawrence Hargrave Lookout, the Ocean bridge and then to Wollongong.  Crossed wires, we were not expected so we split.

                                                                Forever faithful Monster

                                                                 We have to ride where?

Soon we were off again to Gerringong. A small, did I say small, I meant petite library in a large hall. The police sign outside had me confused until they explained that the librarian straps on a side arm after work and patrols the streets for surfers without a towel. Michelle Hudson has plans to make the library bigger by adding a lean to,  to the side window.

Our day should have ended there but a short drive to Nowra and again my Duke needs to be refuelled every 25 kilometres, so I was last. But the reception at Nowra was unforgettable and all thanks to Alan A and his colleagues at Nowra, made this year’s BT problems all worthwhile. Story time, food, lots of talking and picture taking. Out the front door and back up to Kiama for the night. A cool ale and a nice meal. Michelle even graced us with her company,     I can never work out how Alan W always leaves a library last but is always at the pub first.

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