Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Queanbeyan Library


Friday saw us gather for breakfast and then on the Queanbeyan City library for more coffee and croissants.

biblio 2010 059
No words can adequately explain this photo..

I was busily talking with Peter Conlon our host when I was asked to speak to the press. It is a marketing tour so this is the price we pay. The press was a camera man from WIN TV and Peter had organised for me to be interviewed by the most gorgeous female journo they had. As the boy revved their bikes for the camera, walked into the library and out again and in again and out again and in again and out again and in again and out again until he had sufficient film to leave on the cutting room floor and pretended to read and then donned their leathers for the day’s ride I muttered words about how great libraries were and enjoying the company of the interviewer who I did not take my eyes off until she said “Aren’t you going with them”. By this time they were in Canberra.

biblio 2010 058
This photo sheds no more light....

Queanbeyan Library with motorcycle chaos
Wonderful hospitality from the Queanbeyan staff, a great breakfast to kick start the day...

Queanbeyan Library interior
They also let us inside..

Alan Flores interviewing for WIN 9 news
Lights, Camera, Action.....

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