Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library

We were on the news that night and again I got my two minutes of fame. I did not see the interview but Alan Walker did and he said the journo looked fabulous.

A quick rush to our next appointment. No red traffic lights, for which I took the credit. We arrived at Civic library at 10am. On time for once. We parked in the ACT Chief Minister’s parking spot. A functionary whose job it was to look out the window all day rushed out on our arrival and we were warned that unless we moved immediately we would be heavily fined for illegal parking. I told him we were the Biblio gang and to bugger off. Alan No 3 saw that the pub across the road was now open and suggested we leave the bikes and quench our thirst. But we were true professionals so we sent Alan over for some cold ones. Our 10am appointment was closed so we moved on to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s library which was not in Belconnen where I took the guys but by the lake back in the city. It was a nice ride and we did get to see more of the ACT. Unfortunately we lost Leon. Here we met the Library Director and were immediately ejected from the library as they had a fire evacuation drill which was organised to coincide with our visit, to give them more time to talk with us outside.

biblio 2010 066
Great hospitality by the team at ATSIS

biblio 2010 064

Alan Flores expecting shoes to be thrown
Great talk, but the delivery was a bit muffled..

Amazing research space

Fantastic building but alas little funds for resources. I tried to give a short talk in the theatre, but the gang were not in the mood to listen. We had a call from Leon to say that Civic opened at 11am and were expecting us. Knowing how much he hates to share female company with other males we told him to entertain them and we would go on to the National. The library ladies had their pictures taken on the bikes and then were off.

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