Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thunderbolts way to oblivion

The ride out of Gloucester was perfect. Full tank of fuel, clear road, beautiful mountains, rushing creeks, autumn leaves, the sound of the duke music to my ears as I accelerated up the mountain, I was on a mission, to reach Tamworth before nightfall.

Halfway up the mountain it began to drizzle, then the fog set in then it got colder then the road became slippery and I was down to 20 k/h. After 50 kms of this I saw the turn off to Tamworth. It wasn't dirt, it was mud. Not easy to ride with clip on handlebars.
Thunderbolt way
Wet wet wet!!!

Thunderbolts way
Nice view midway up Thunderbolts way

Later the other Turistas told me that they saw the dirt road and then a sign that said “Tamworth 90 kms”. Sh*t, what has Flores done to us now? But it was only five kms of dirt as I said, but at the time I did feel the vibes. Character building Ian said, this is not a tour for the inexperienced or faint-hearted.

GS adventure Rider

Umm, this will take some cleaning!

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