Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pilot down--sos--

I was out of the dirt and beginning a steep descent when my machine stopped. I cruised downhill using gravity and attempted a restart as I had done before. The battery was flat, It was nearly dark I pushed the Duke to the side of the road and the last rider came by as so did a car, which I flagged down and he took me to Tamworth library.

That night I managed to get the NRMA to take me the seventy kms back up the mountain to get the bike on a tow truck and have him deliver it to my motel. We even saw a few kangaroos, an owl, rabbits and a live wombat crossing the road. The Tamworth librarians were wonderful, feeding us and helping us find our accommodation as well as convincing the NRMA that I should get my bike that night, as it may not be there in the morning.
The Ducati loaded onto NRMA truck

A sad ending for the Ducati....but all is not lost as the following day the phoenix arose!

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