Thursday, June 5, 2008

A sidetrack adventure up th Oxley

An hour or two at the motel drinking wine and discussing the days ride set us up for an evening of wining and dining. Pam’s man turned up with a smile on his face and a tale of adventure on the Oxley. An accident avoided by good riding and a great bike.

Comboyne Road 3
Brian and Ross travelled the road less travelled (conboyne rd up and overthe Mountains)!

Comboyne Road Brian
Brian on his adventure bike!!!

Comboyne Road GS 3
The GS in its natural element

Oxley Road
Midway up the Oxley.

Chris, the local City Librarian met us at the Thai and Seafood restaurant (No Thai as the cook was away for the night). We all bought a bottle of wine and ate well. Ian’s leg was either feeling better or else he could no longer feel it due to his medication that was in the large red bottle on the table.

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