Thursday, June 5, 2008

Maitland is a greatland

Maitland Library
The Biblio Turismo gang gather at Maitland

Two of the Turistas were to meet us at Maitland and along with the librarian Keryl kept the mayor entertained and made sure he got his interview.

Maitland Library
Keryl (Maitland Library manager) and Ian have a chat.

A nice morning tea and a chance to meet the other Turistas.

Maitland Library
maitland Library

Soon we were off to Gloucester, The cloud built up and it got colder; the roads were great and free of traffic. The problem with the Duke was first encountered as we left Maitland. A sudden stop as if I had run out of fuel. After a few seconds the bike would start again so I was not overly concerned.

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