Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the begining God created motorbikes & then a Library


Alan and Ducati
Alan on his Ducati at Gosford Library (requires no encouragement to ride his bike into a library)

Ahh at last my plans are coming together (mad laughter ha ha ha) (Alan and co)

Gosford Library
A truely splendid sight

It was cold with cloudy skies as the bikes were parked outside the Gosford City Library ready for the four-day odyssey we call the BT. As I was interviewed in my office by phone by ABC radio, the mayor was outside being interviewed for NBN TV while a reporter from the Express Advocate was waiting to do a pod cast of the trip. This has become a public relations event beyond my wildest expectations. It is usually very hard to get public libraries into the news but here was event that has colour, excitement and romance rolled into one.
Ok Chaps this is the plan
Pre-ride briefing; 'Ok chaps listen up, does anyone know where I placed my keys..."

As another group of bikes arrived there was breakfast served and the workers passing through the park were trying to grasp what was going on. The mayor made his farewell speech just as the state minister for Education, John Della Bosca turned up to say hello to Mayor Mcfayden. We had a celebrity send off.

We were away half an hour late at 10am which was to be the story for the whole trip. Its not that we did not travel fast, it was a combination of road works and too tight a schedule. The short days also did not help, Next year we return to the longer days and warmer weather of summer. Having it during Library Week made sense, the sun setting at 5pm when we were never near our destination did not.

Time to Go
Got my motor running, headout on the highway...Born to be Mild.......

The Departure!

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