Monday, November 20, 2017

Friday morning Ian and Sherrey set off for Canberra while the rest of us went on to Thirroul. Not a long ride but after the expressway, lots of traffic and I finally got there just as the storytime commenced. The Monster was taken into the libraryand more pictures taken. Afterwards Brian and pam headed off to Griffith while helen and Richard and I moved on to Helensburgh the last library of the day.

Thirroul Storyteller

Wish it were mine

Another day another library

Now how do we tell Alan he needs to

 get his bike out?

"Just like my scooter in Beijing" she said

Smiles all round

Richard and Pam

Enjoying the moment

Monster outside for once

Pam deep in conversation, Brian just listens

Helen, a real Turista

Thirroul library

Are you sure you know how to ride it?

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