Sunday, September 18, 2016


It was a cool September morning with blue skies and just a gentle breeze. I was up at 6am to prepare for the long journey to Richmond about seventy kilometres away through early morning traffic. Down the M1 and then across to Castle Hill and then toward the Hawkesbury.
Richmond is a quiet village with beautiful ornate building many of which were built in the late 1800s or early a1900s. The library is in a quiet street across from the School of Arts in a building over seventy years old but a new rear.
At 9.15 the Turistas started to turn up and the library staff invited us in for a cup of tea. Lots of talk and pictures and Ian and Cherri and Alan Walker joined me. T shirts were distributed, cake eaten and the history of the area explained. It was now getting hot so I took off a layer of clothing, little did I know what effect on our day the weather would have before the day was over.
As a small group of ten or twelve it never ceases to amaze me as to the different bikes that come on our trips. This year Ian brought his other red VFR750 Honda, which had been on one other trip and Alan on a new VFR750 Honda in White with metallic sparkles. Ross had a new Yamaha adventure bike.
Soon Ross turned up and we headed up along the edge of the Nepean River to Penrith, joined the Motorway and headed east To St Clair. We got lost and I stopped beside a young black girl sitting in the gutter obviously waiting for someone. She was able to give me exact directions to the shopping centre and was so exact and polite it was a pleasure to talk with her.
We soon found the Shopping Centre and the library and after Chen the branch supervisor arranged permission with security the Monster was wheeled into the library for an extensive photo shoot. 

Richmond, the beginning of Biblio Turismo 2016

Richmond School of Arts, where public library in Richmond began

Alan and Ian modelling the year's T shirt

Richmond branch library

A thorn between two roses, Alan Walker's new white stead.

Talking with the librarian

We would rather be coming with you

Alan getting ready to leave

Arrival at St Clair branch library

Librarian Chen, the very helpful and glamorous host

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