Tuesday, September 27, 2016

 More images from Biblio Turismo 2016. Biblio Turismo is the only public library marketing project on motorbikes in the world and is the longest continuous rural public library marketing program.
We have now been to the ACT, Victoria and NSW.  There are sixty four rural library services in NSW and Bibli Turismo has visited forty seven of them. There are 278 rural libraries in NSW and so far we have visited at least half of them.

Alan A. Flores

I am confused, did I ride here on the white one or the red one? (Ian)

He is always on the phone. (Ross and Roger)

And when I saw the sign I knew Portland was left, but they all had to ride straight on. (Roger, Alan W, Sherrey, Helena, Ross)

I love posing in my leathers in the library. (Helena)

I really do love posing in my leathers in the library. (Helena)

Guess where?

Ducati red seat in library, how appropriate

Helen loves to pose in her leathers with her helmet in the library. (Helena)

Portland Home Library Service bikes     

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