Saturday, January 16, 2016

Biblio 2016.

After last year's great anniversary ride this year will be a more simple  affair.  Dates not certain yet but somewhere between October and December.

Some of you will remember that our first ride was through the mountains starting at Springwood Library though we did not officially visit  there.  We did finish at Katoomba and had a wonderful afternoon tea at the hotel in the centre of town but did not visit the library. We went down the mountain and visited Lithgow but never Oberon, Kandos or Portland. So this ride will fill in the gaps.
2017 will most likely be north again leaving from the new headquarters of the Central Coast Library Service assuming amalgamations will be completed by then.

The plan is to meet at Penrith Library where I was City Librarian for ten years and to ride along the Nepean River to Richmond for morning tea. From there it was a long ride along Bell's Line of road to Mt Victoria and lunch at the pub. Then off to Katoomba Library and Art Gallery for afternoon tea then back to Blackheath were we will spend the night.

Depart Blackheath and ride down the mountain via the Great Western Highway  to Kandos Library then Portland Library then back to Blackheath Library and again spend the night at the same motel at Blackheath.

It is back down the mountain to Oberon, then back up again to Springwood and finally at Blaxland Library.

Those of you from the south might like to leave at Oberon and travel down the main road to Goulburn, a tarred road all the way. Those from Sydney or further north will I hope come with me to Springwood and Blaxland.

More details to come.
                                                        DUCATI OWNERS RIDE DAY  2014

                                                       DUCATI 600 SS 1983

                                           Ducati 600SS  1995     

Please make arrangements to come and tell your friends. This will be a easy ride with great scenery and if we are lucky snow rather than rain.

Alan Flores
January, 2016


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