Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Greetings to all the librarians who read this blog.

Planning is well under way for the tenth anniversary Biblio Turismo.

I have checked and still fit into my leathers and both my Ducatis are in fine form. I have considered purchasing the new Ducati Scrambler  but not too sure if it will fit in the garage.

Enough of these ramblings, where are we going you might ask. And well you might and when?

As this is a very suspicious occasion we will be gone for seven days, thats right not four but seven depending on how fast you ride and where you live.

Our destination is Portland, Victoria. Yes we are crossing the border just as we did on the first Biblio when we had a beer in Victoria before heading back to Wagga Wagga.

The plan is to  have dinner with some colleagues in Albury on the night of the 25th, October, daylight savings will have started so we should get there in the daylight. I am hoping a group of us will meet at Campbelltown and travel south together on Sunday morning and pick up others on the way.

i expect we will finish closer to Sydney on the Friday night with a nice dinner and return home on Saturday.

More details on the blog as they come to hand

Alan Flores

If you want to come you pay all your own costs. Free t shirt provided sponsored by "Libraries Alive!" the library consultants you have to have if you are serious about libraries. Thanks Sherrey and Ian.

 I can be contacted at alan.flores3@tafe.nsw.edu.au

yes that's right I am no longer a public librarian.

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