Friday, November 14, 2014

The weather was expected to be dry and a little cool. It stayed dry, unusual for a BT but at times quite hot.
The trip from the Central Coast to Sutherland was horrible. Sydney has peak hour traffic from 6am to 11am. Nevertheless at Bankstown I saw a familiar set of pipes and a small rider waved to me. I’ll blast him off at the next set of lights, at least I can have a little fun in the traffic. But I looked in the mirror and no matter how fast I went between lights or what road I took he was always there.
The gathering of Alan’s was beginning.
I eventually crossed the Woronora Bridge and rode into Belmont Street.  A road I knew well as I lived there for four years. The library at Sutherland is a multi-story affair with apartments above. Ian and Sherri were there to greet me and then this troublesome little man pulled in behind me. He took off his helmet and lo and behold it was the other Alan from Lake Macquarie, Mr Walker to his Jaguar friends. The man they call Mr Bookmobile, the one with the knowledge of the books, the one who always has a story to tell, the one who gets to the pub first.

 After I took off my helmet I went over to Ian and knelt before him and kissed his ring. He was now my patron, Libraries Alive! Did pay for the t shirts. Sherri told me to get real and to show respect to the real power behind the handlebars, her.

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