Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Saturday saw us head for Cooma. The Snowy Mountain Scheme Town. A nice ride, testing the reins of my beast past the 160 mark and overtaking every car in sight. Once we saw them, we overtook them. The 150 Cruiser riding Neanderthals that we passed at Bredbo gave cause for concern, especially when Brian threw dirt in their faces as he slid pat on his Aprilla at 140 k. They chased, but once there was a curve in the road, they fell behind.

Cooma was in a temporary building while they renovate. All the bosses came to say G’day. Much cake, talking about the job and in Pam’s case meeting old friends.

Cooma's temporary library
Cooma library (temporary)

Cooma's temporary library interior

There was rain; it was a Biblio at last. We made the decision to climb the mountain, donned our wet gear and followed Pam to Jindabyne and on to Thredbo.

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