Friday, November 20, 2009


Canowindra library is in a trust-listed street with curved glass front windows in a former dress shop. Another Alan runs the place with his Saturday sidekick. The joint was now packed with Alans. Anything could happen, but morning tea did.

We sat around and talked libraries and waited for Robyn, the local journo to get her camera.


biblio 2009 076

biblio 2009 077

biblio 2009 092




I’m going to hit the highway like a battering ram
On a silver black phantom bike
When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry
And we’re all about to see the light
Nothing ever grows in this rotten old hole
And everything is stunted and lost
And nothing really rocks
And nothing really rolls
And nothings ever worth the cost
And I know that I’m damned if I never get out
And maybe I’m damned if I do
But with any other beat I got left in my heart
You know Id rather be damned with you
With those words written in the wind and ringing in their ears Ian and Sherrey readied for departure to Canberra and the rest of us for Blayney.

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