Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bombala to Merimbula

We found the elusive Mr Sun on the wall of Bombala Library!

More press pictures then we headed up the mountains again to Bombala, population 1500. Fantastic views, great corners, it was what sport bikes were made for. Then the rain a late storm and a massive drop in temperature. Still we met a councilor and the librarian opened her library just for us. The local press was summoned and more pictures.

I got left behind as the Turistas headed fro Eden by a more circuitous but safer route. Being alone on a mountain road surrounded by Pine trees and only the occasional black kangaroo and the sound of my V twin to keep me company. I was relieved to reach Highway One and begin the long ride home; I had reached our most southern point.

I was overtaken by Ian on his Honda 800 and followed him into Merimbula, past the kangaroos grazing on the golf course. We all met at the local pub for a well-earned drink and meal. Heidi came in late after parking her bike outside in the beer garden, which was quite a surprise since we were on the first floor. Awards were given out for fastest, longest distance traveled and hard luck story.

We arrived at Bombala Library via a massive downpour!

The Gods were pleased with the Hyabusha!

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