Monday, November 12, 2018

It was Tuesday and the weather report for Wednesday was for rain. Fraser's had not fixed my Monster so the 600 Super Sport was to be my stead. The ride thrugh Sydney traffic was horrible as always but soon i was on the road to Canberra and to spend some time with Ian and Sherrey


Wednesday was bleak and a day was spent watching the rain come down and at 3.30 we decided to ride through the rain to Gundagai. Cold and wet we arrived at the motel, Ian to find that his new waterproof jacket wasn't. 

Early morning Thursday the rain had stopped and after breakfast we went over to the Gundagai library.  Some nice BSAs outside and the Ducati inside.  Storytime was restricted to adults and I gave a fine rendition.

Soon we were off to Tumut. Some took the high road and others the low road. The sweeping corners were being straightened by the road improvements. Cold but a nice ride.

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