Thursday, November 16, 2017

The ride from Ulladulla to Nowra was to be easy and the "FAST" group was soon on its way. As usual I had to refuel as I had travelled fifty kilometres sonce the last fill up. I was leaving Milton descending the winding road to the valley when all of a sudden i heard the familiar sound of a siren, the flashing lights in my mirrors was more than enough for me to consider gunning the Duke and making a run for it, but i thought he might be a bit faster than me so as soon as i could I went to the left and then I heard the roar of the V8 as the copper took off after someone else.


The vehicle in front was a ute pulling a large trailer and couldn't pull over nd the cop sat on his tail, overtook him as well and roared into the distance.


I soon came across the stop/go man controlling the traffic as they cut weeds from the roadside. Come to the front of the queue he beckoned and then went on to tell me about the cop, about speeding and the major accident at the site that morning and then ten minutes later let me go. It seems a woman was giving birth in a car and they wanted a police escort to get her to hospital on time.


I soon arrived at Nowra and was welcomed as always.  

Did they say "come in"?


So I came in



All the way in


Finally inside

Pride of place

Who is this lunatic?

I did;n't think the Griffith gang were

 disabled riders.

Suits you Alan

Still suits you

He has done three laps of the shelves,

 somone stop him.

Discussing how to stop him

Storytime at the library

Great story

Alan listens intently

Bikes just for show

Star struck librarians

Painted the Duke Purple for the day

So now, get it out of here

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