Monday, November 13, 2017

Biblio Turismo now in its twelth year.

This year's Turistas were Pam, Helen, Sherrey, Ian, Brian, Alan Arnold, Richard and myself.

The pictures tell the story.  This ihas got to be the longest running public library marketing programme in the history of the state if not the world. At a guess we have visited about 150 libraries and the Dukes have been into most of them.

Camden Library staff and


Book was on three week loan, 

bike, two weeks

If you think I am giving it back,

 think again.

This librarian will do anything to

 get children into the library

I told you it has a pillion seat

Not too sure how they get the

 fire truck out

And the t-shirt suits men 

and women

Fits me like a glove

I told you you are not getting

 it back

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