Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I have just returned from a short tour of  the north and have been able to include some images of scooters and bikes in Europe.  Although not related to motorbikes I have included a picture of a real adventurer who I met at the Valetta Yacht Club christmas party. Sandra Calafato was sailing a thirty foot yacht from Italy to Malta when a freak wave turned the boat 360 degrees. She suffered a broken arm but managed to get control of the boat and continue to sail it to Malta. I made her an honorary member of Biblio Turismo and invited her to join us if she ever sails down under or if we decide to ride the Italian Alps.

Sandra Calafato and Alan Flores at the Valetta Yacht Club

Monster in Rome

My next bike

Bikes outside my window in Rome

Your guess as good as mine, but registered

Needs a little chain oil

Bike of choice for the female commuter in Rome

Step throughs are everywhere

More to come. Unfortunately lost my phone in Munich which had lots of great shots of British and French bikes.


Alan Flores

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