Friday, October 31, 2014

Biblio Turismo started nine years ago in 2006 as a means for librarians who rode motorbikes to meet each other and spread joy once a year. Rural librarians have used the ride to publicise their libraries, to network with city librarians and to share their stories.
At night the Bibliestas dine together and drink to each others good health and the pleasure of riding fast on two wheels.
We all pay our own way and raise no funds. Many of the crew have attend most if not all of the tours and   often only meet during the tour, in some cases although we have been riding for nine years we may have only seen each other nine times in those nine years.

If you want to join us next year we are planning on doing the Great Ocean Road. I encourage Victorian librarians to join us as we travel from Geelong to Portland and back. More details next year.

Do I need a big bike to travel?

No, A few years ago a member on a 250cc bike was more than fast enough.

Do you travel fast?

What happens on the tour stays on the tour. No one has been booked yet. We usually stay close to the speed limit.

Does it cost much?

we only travel no more than 300 kms a day and often are fed at all the stops. Dinner is usually at a club or hotel and accomodation  is at budget motels. A couple of hundred dollars all up is average.

Do you drive in all conditions?


Can I join just part of the tour?


Do I have to come on a bike?

No, cars are welcome.

Do many women ride?

Usually three or four each time.

Who do i contact if I want to come?

Alan Flores at


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