Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Braidwood Library

A long discussion with the staff, a photo shoot followed by a sumptuous lunch and then the back road to Braidwood.

The breeze was cool but not strong and we fought back the urge to spend the rest of the day in the pub. The old gold mining town had a pleasant little library and we took photos of some children on our bikes, had tea and cake, sat on the toilets in the foyer and did a quick tour of the attached one hundred year old building. The toilets were a council initiative to encourage efficient water usage; they were tastefully placed at the front of the library’s entrance for a month or so. The gang wondered what attracted such beautiful women to work in rural libraries; we decided it must be the great pubs over the road.

Picture 038
Wow, look behold our quest is over....we have found the ancient audio book of chamelot

Picture 039
Can we help, no wait, dont run away, librarians, honest, that's right, all of us....really.....

Picture 040
Oh wow, a book on bush pubs, one of these at the bar would come in handy.......

Alan Walker, ummm, walking in Braidwood Library
Alan inspects the Braidwood library

Library helper joins in - Braidwood
Braidwood library staff member, a possible Biblio Turismo convert?

Kids love the Ducati at Braidwood
Hey mum can I borrow one of these from the library?

A lazy but fast tour back through the hills to Queanbeyan via a little bit of the ACT saw us finish the days ride, contented that we had brought joy to the people we met and satisfaction that we had a good day’s ride. Then to the pub and the club.

Picture 045
Hi ho Hi Ho it's off to Queanbeyan we go..

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